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Prayer Walking Sunday 6th September

The following may be of interest and I thought it would be good to post here:

Sunday afternoon 6th September
Like many we have been praying about the state of the nation and the church and how we are restricted to online meetings or socially distanced, masked services with no singing etc. We are basically waiting until further permissions are given, yet the need for prayer and praying together is great.

We invite Christians in Northants during the afternoon of Sunday 6th September to go out and prayer walk their towns and villages focusing on the main pillars of society. This should bear Covid guidelines in mind and could easily also pick up the thrust of the ‘Walk and Pray’ initiative of the Evangelical Alliance.

SHARE this around your contacts, even if there is only one person prayer walking in a village they can be encouraged to know that at the same time in other towns and villages Christians are also praying.
We are encouraging that at 4pm a local rendezvous is set for those prayer walking and that all over the county, in the different locations, we stand together before the Lord on behalf of the nation and the church.
SO using Northampton as an example and keeping the instructions as simple as possible:

A. Your household or ‘Bubble’ can set out and pray around the town where led by the Spirit and include, if you wish, any or all of the places if you have them, that represent the main pillars of society, remember too the ‘gates’ e.g. transport hubs. The actual places listed below are ‘symbols’ for the prayer.
B. Prayers at each place can include the national scene.
C. Pray out of what is in your heart.
D. Follow your own route but end up at the front of All Saints church for 4.00pm.

Pillars of Society examples

  1. Media – BBC Radio Northampton, Chron and Echo
  2. Economy – Bank/ retail areas
  3. Government – NBC at the Guildhall/
  4. Education – NCC [at bottom of Guildhall Road]
  5. Arts & Entertainment – Derngate
  6. Family and its lack – Springs Family Centre at KLC / Hope Centre
  7. Religion -any town centre church

4.00pm rendezvous outside All Saints for a corporate act of prayer.

Other towns and villages could adapt this to fit their situation.

Future Prayer4Britain
Saturday 26th September 2.00 – 4.00pm at Ebenezer Gospel Centre, 2 Orchard Hill, Little Billing NN3 9AG
Car Parking available.

Saturday 28th November 10.00am – 4.00pm. Venue tbc. Special guest Andrea Williams, Christian Concern

Lewis Houston


Honora has now had surgery and is recovering well. Thanks for your continued prayers.


Please pray for Honora who has been admitted to hospital in Oxford and is having surgery for a bleed on the brain.

Prayer : Pentecost

Let’s pray today for ourselves, our families and our congregation to be filled with the Spirit, and for the church in Northampton and across the nation to be baptized with a fresh sense of unity and courage to stand together for the gospel. Also that we might seek and find opportunities to serve our communities in this time of hardship. Much love to all.

Fred Smith

Fred Smith from Redeeming Love will be 80 on Wednesday 20th May. Let us remember to encourage esteem and pray for this faithful soldier of Jesus


Honora has been discharged from hospital and is with her daughter Hazel.

Give thanks to God. Pray for her full recovery.


Thanks for praying for Honora. She is much better and hoping to be discharged in a few days time. Give thanks to God and pray for any damage to her lungs to be repaired.

Missing you

Just would like to say that we are all missing you… But as Aidan has been sharing God is at work and definitely in the detail!  Our lives at Redeeming Love have been turned upside down – brothers are shopping – cooking, we are all so glad when we hear from our friends, and people now matter,  whoever, we feel so grateful they exist. I know when we are able to meet again we will be so glad even full of joy.

Bless you one and all – Ruth Campbell